Approximately 5 to 10 percent of all cancers can be attributed to inherited variants or mutations. Patterns of cancer can be seen in families where people have these mutations. If you are concerned about cancer patterns in your family, genetic testing can give you more information about your cancer risk and things you can do to prevent a late-stage diagnosis.

When should I consider testing?

  • Personal or family history of cancer at age 50 or younger
  • Personal or family history of ovarian, male breast cancer or pancreatic cancer

  • Multiple cancers or tumors on the same side of the family

  • You have Ashkenazi ancestry
  • You are concerned about personal or family history of cancer

What are the benefits of knowing your results?

  • Your physician may adjust your cancer screening approach, which could lead to earlier detection of abnormalities. You may be eligible to start screenings at an earlier age or more frequently. Early detection is always the key to better survival rates and less invasive treatment options.

  • Your physician can recommend preventive treatments or procedures to reduce your chance of developing cancers.
  • You can educate your family members on their risk, testing and screening options, as risk of passing mutations to their children.

  • Most importantly, you and your family can make proactive and powerful healthy lifestyle changes that can minimize the chances of cancer ever developing.

How do I get the test?

  • Start by calling KVINNA at (509) 960-5550. Our staff can qualify you over the phone by asking you a handful of quick questions. This will determine if insurance covers it or if you want to proceed with a self-pay test which is usually less than $250.
  • We will coordinate with Valley Ob/Gyn located across the hall from us at our Liberty Lake clinic. They will schedule a consultation with a provider to complete your questionnaire.

  • You will give a blood or saliva sample. Collected at Valley Ob/Gyn in Liberty Lake.

  • In 2-3 weeks, you will review your results with that same provider. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and go over the recommended plan if any risks were determined.

Who does the testing? What do they provide?

  • We have partnered with Natera and their Empower Hereditary Cancer Test. This test can screen up to 53 genes associated with increased risk for hereditary cancers.
  • Natera provides complimentary genetic counseling and information sessions to answer your questions and provide additional educational resources.
  • You may access your results anytime through your online patient portal.
  • Natera also offers a family testing program. If you have a positive result, testing for all first-degree relatives is available at no extra charge.
  • Visit for more details.

Questions and Inquiries

Any inquiries, please call KVINNA at (509) 960-5550 or contact us by clicking below.