KVINNA is now offering private group appointments!

For many women, there is fear and anxiety around their yearly breast exam and screening. Family history, watching friends battle illness and cancer or just common nerves can all create a feeling of dread… and procrastination.

At KVINNA, we are trying to replace the fear with a little fun! This important part of self-care can become something you look forward to doing with your friends. Make this a yearly tradition you do together!

When you book an appointment together you will receive:

  • A private setting for four or five friends.

  • A complimentary bottle of bubbles.
  • A charcuterie of small bites and sweet treats.

  • Relax and listen to your own playlist or watch a rom-com on our flatscreen tv. We even had a 90’s hip hop party at one of our private screenings. Fun was had!

  • Allow for about two hours for a group of 4-5 people

Enjoy the laughter and support of friends in a beautiful space. Never dread your yearly breast screening again!
Call (509) 960-5550 or click below to inquire about booking your private party today.