Kvinna Ambassadors

Women supporting women in the fight against breast cancer.

Within the breast cancer community, there is a need for a sister-hood. A collection of women who can team together to advocate for change, promote awareness and education and accomplish greater support for women suffering from breast cancer in our area.

This is where you come in.

The Kvinna Ambassador program is for women like you; women who are passionate about the cause of breast cancer and feel inspired to make a difference.

What is the KVINNA Ambassador Program (KAP) ?

KVINNA has decided to create KAP, a fun volunteer opportunity to build community and to gather women to fight unnecessary late-stage cancer diagnosis. Many of you have shared a desire for a meaningful way to help spread the word about early detection and the importance of every woman getting a thorough and complete breast screening.

Who can be a KVINNA Ambassador?

Simply anyone. Anyone with a heart to serve the women in our community and to fight breast cancer

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How can you serve?

Kvinna ambassador program


This role is for individuals who are passionate about what we do and would like to be a part of team that can help us build strong relationships in the community through individuals and organizations.

Kvinna ambassador program

Service & Support

This role is for those who would love to be a practical support to women in our community with a cancer diagnoses. This would include coordinating resources in our community that offer assistance, one-on-one connection or creating care packages.

Kvinna ambassador program


This role is for those who care about making a way for women to access our screening services regardless of their financial state. It may entail event planning, advertising, and utilizing community resources in an effort to expand our scholarship fund.

Fighting Late-Stage Cancer Diagnosis is not a one woman job. Let’s do it together!